About Home Inspector On Call


I grew up in a family-owned construction corporation and at one time or another worked in all of the Residential and Commercial construction trades. I was a Special Agent conducting criminal investigations for the Department of Defense for 13 years. I returned to the construction field after obtaining a degree at Northeastern University in Construction Technology and HVAC System Design. In 1985 I obtained my Real Estate License and later in life (1995) began conducting Home Inspections for a small group of Real Estate Agents that required more than their Home Inspector's Standards of Practice fulfilled. When Home Inspection Licensing became a requirement, I obtained my home Inspection License (TN #40).
In every facet of my careers, I found myself investigating and answering questions that were unanswered. I found this particularly true in my association with the Home Inspection industry. The inherent nature of a Home Inspection restricts the ability of the Home Inspector to assess and address all problems they encounter during the inspection process imposed by state and organizational standards.
It is been my personal goal to apply all of my past education and experience to ensure that my real estate client's concerns and questions are answered to where they can make an informed decision.
I built this site to connect with those of you that have unanswered questions…