Areas of Inspection

Whether your real estate construction problems consist of health issues (indoor air quality, mold, radon gas, or carbon monoxide issues) , or water leakage, weatherization or HVAC comfort issues; you can find answers to your questions here.
Is Radon Gas a problem? Before you install that radon mitigation system, you may want to consider "why" you have a radon infiltration problem. It may be a building design/performance problem that could be effectively repaired and eliminate the need to add radon mitigation.
Is Mold your concern? Mold requires oxygen, a food source, the proper temperature, and the proper moisture to grow and colonize. Mold may be the "issue", but moisture is the "problem"! Mold testing does not test for moisture.
Do you have a Moisture issue? The stained water spot is the "issue", but what is the source of the moisture? Most often the roof is blamed, but there are many sources for moisture that cannot be identified with a moisture meter.
Do you have a Comfort issue? Weatherization issues create discomfort and increased utility expense, but weatherization defects also play a significant role in accelerated destruction to the structure.
Should you replace your windows or add insulation? These are the most common recommendations to make your building "green", but are frequently the most costly and least effective weatherization repair you can invest in.
There are many contractors with fields of expertise in specialized areas. Their solution to your problem is often associated with these specialized areas and do not necessarily entertain the "Building as a Whole" concept.
For every action, there is a reaction. A repair may correct an issue but the problem may simply move to another location.
Run your project by us for a "complete" assessment of your problem and repair.